At Anetor + Associates, the process by which we collaborate with our clients to achieve their design is as important as the end result. The ability to listen well-without preconceptions-and communicate clearly are perhaps our most important tools. Within this framework, our design approach centers on three overlapping issues: the intelligent use of the site; the creative resolution of client’s program; and the concern for the client’s budget and schedule. Intertwined with the resolution of these pragmatic issues is the less tangible yet equally important goal of producing an attractive project that reflects our client’s aspirations, and is a fitting public structure for the larger community.

NEGO CONSTRUCTION is an indigenous company incorporated to carry out the business of engineering construction. NEGO has over a period of time gradually but steadily grown to become known for its specialized services.

The training background of its Management team places the company in advantage position to handle various forms of projects, project managers or contractors.

The company’s endeavor towards excellence in construction quality, safety, performance, employee satisfaction and social responsibility has enabled it to be trusted and sought after engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operations and Project Management Company.

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